Advertising & Branding Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in PornExec Tweet. We are one of the Social Media Powerhouses in the Adult Entertainment market. We have some very unique advertising, marketing, promotions and branding opportunities. These are just a small sample of the projects we have available, we can customize a campaign for your product, website or brand specifically. We have opporunities for all budgets and size businesses, with programs as low as $150/month. The Naughty Tweet Network will work with you to achieve a significant return on your investment.

Who does The Naughty Tweet Network reach?

The Naughty Tweet Network speaks to a wide variety of demographic consumers -- and just as important our reach talks to the "celebrities" themselves. If you have a product or service that you want celebrities and consumers alike to know about and use -- there simply is no better method to communicate with them than The Naughty Tweet Network. Our general consumers are interested in the types of products and services offered on The Naughty Tweet Network of sites. Unlike some portals or email lists our program talks to people who themselves signed up to follow us through social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and many others. We do not offer any type of email signup! We are 100% Opt-In we do not use tricks and tools to build followers, fans and friends these are truly interested parties.

Advertise on Adult Websites on Twitter and Facebook

Sponsor Exposure

Social Media

  • Twitter (150,000+ Followers Network Wide)
  • Facebook (20,000+ Fans Network Wide)
  • MySpace (15,000+ Friends Network Wide)
  • Total Level 1 Exposure Per Message: 155,000+


  • (General Site)
  • (Live Video/Audio Streaming)
  • (Tattoos, Alternative Modeling, Suicide Girls)
  • (Big Beautiful Women)
  • (Gay)
  • (Mainstream / Playboy Style Models)
  • (Porn Stars)
  • (Cam Models, Solo Site Models, Etc.)
  • Monthly Traffic Network Wide: 300,000+

    Events, Parties, & Promotions

    Sponsor Branding


    Social Media Messages

    Our most successful program, instant traffic returns, highly visable to our consumers and stars.
  • Secheduled (Daily, 2x Daily, Weekly) Tweets/Messages
  • Keyword Tweet Campaigns
  • Website (Traditional Web Advertising)

  • Multiple Banner Locations
  • Complete Site Skin Takeovers
  • Live Video/Audio Broadcast

  • 60s Advertisements
  • Physical Onsite at Events & Shows

  • Handouts/Flyers/Stickers
  • OnSite Beverage, Food or Product Sampling
  • Banners
  • PornStarTweet Trailer Wrap

  • Advertise on Adult Websites on Twitter and Facebook

    Please direct all inquires to:


    twitter: @phousley